The Centre, who we are?

The centre has a vibrant intellectual culture which provides the basis for cutting-edge research and scholarship in and across the fields of Performance Studies. It is home to a great variety of research types:

1. Multidisciplinary research in Performance studies, theatrical production, and related arts.

2. The promotion and development of collaboration between different theatrical disciplines, performing arts, and academic research in these fields at the national, Arab and international levels in order to attract academics and actors in other disciplines to enrich the objectives of the centre through.

3. The creation of Committees in the field of theatrical research, theatrical creation and performance studies for the advancement of research projects and field work.

4. The coordination of theatrical activities and dissemination of information on the topicality of theatre and the arts. Promotion of dialogue and collaboration between theatre artists and academics specialized in the field.

5. Multilingual publications of studies, works and books on theatre, performance studies, and related arts under various prospects and within the framework of the publications of the international Centre for performance studies including the publication of the members’ works both in Arabic and other languages, and their dissemination both at the national and international levels.

6. The organization of festivals, conferences, artistic/cultural events, and thematic workshops in the field of the theatre and performance under all their facets.

7. The exchange of visits and delegations of participants in the events organized by the Centre and other organizations or institutions interested in theatre at the national, Arab and international levels.

8. The organization of the international Forum “Performing Tangier”, in collaboration with partners from Morocco and abroad, under the aegis of the president of the Centre and official spokesperson of the international Forum “scenic Tangier”.

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