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Authorized Paul Bowles Website, The
Archive. Comprehensive information on Bowles, the expatriate US American writer, composer, and traveler who lived in Tangier for 52 years until his death in 1999.

Cadmus Editions
Publisher. Jeffrey Miller, Founder. Authors include: Bowles, Burroughs, Choukri, Hibbard, Hopkins, and Rey Rosa.

Culture Counts Foundation
Project. "Explorant la Diversit
é - Promounvant le Dialogue"

Hackensberger Blog
Comment. Alfred Hackensberger, Journalist.

Mercury Films
Film. Jennifer Baichwal, founder. Films include "Let it Come Down: The Life of Paul Bowles".

Tales of Tangier
Photography. By the Swiss photographer, Amsel.

Tangier Calling

Tangier Research Project

Research. Efforts to draw more attention to the voices of city insiders.

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