A Shared Wind

Marjorie Kanter will read a selection, inspired in Tangier and the area surrounding it, from her writings. Her book "I displace the air as I walk" is a collection of short literary pieces: narrative stories in condensed form and poem-like pieces that reflect larger universal themes of understanding and misunderstanding; communication and miscommunication. These writings are culled from Ms. Kanter's journals of the past eighteen years during which time she has lived and travelled in Madrid, Southern Spain, the Dominican Republic, Morocco and the United States. The book is divided into six geographical spaces and/or time frames each highlighted by a role definition:

The Wanderer: Spain 1967-69

The Zookeeper: Caribe

The Guest: Morocco

The Expat: Boston

The Stranger: Tarifa

The Resident: Madrid

Marjorie Kanter

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1943, M.Kanter currently divides her time between Madrid and Tarifa, Spain where she is working on new writings and offering readings and training sessions.

Ms. Kanter brings to her creative writing her extensive experience as a Bilingual Speech and Language Pathologist, Intercultural Consultant and Trainer, and her experiences and introspections while living in different cultures. She holds degrees from Ohio University and the University of Cincinnati, USA.

Marjorie Kanter´s work is fresh, ironic, and impregnated with a subtle humor and sensitivity. Her free style of writing captures events and personal experiences of real life in different cultural and geographical environments. She plays with words, grammar, mixes languages, and uses other techniques to give the right tone to her short literary pieces. Reading this book is a unique experience.

The act of creating is part of my reflective process. I am interested in understanding human behavior. My writings serve as a corpus for the sharing of points of view. What can we learn from looking at small bits of interaction and their connection to universal themes? I write for dialogue with myself and with others, for my own learning and development and for enhancing learning in others.