Performing Tangier Prize

Conference closing ceremony announcement

Dr José Manuel Goñi Pérez
University of Aberystwyth (UK)
Conference co-convener and session chair

Since its’ inception in autumn 2007, the central achievement of ICPS has been producing the international conference, Performing Tangier 2008. With growth, recognition and appreciation in mind, the organizing committee has decided to establish an annual honorary award, to be called The Performing Tangier Prize. Although the conference could never have happened without the generous contributions of hundreds of people and numerous organizations over the past four years, the point of the award is to begin to recognize the efforts of one or several individual(s) who have made an especially significant contribution to production of the conference.

This year, by unanimous consensus, the recipient is: Dr George F Roberson.

George F Roberson (center) with key collaborators
Rajae Khaloufi (left) and Mustapha Hillal Sousi (right)
May 19, 2008