AIMS Fellows - 2009-2010

AIMS grants for US scholars conducting long- or short-term research in North Africa continues to be at the heart of our programming. This year we had a total of 47 applications, a 9% increase over last year. The quality of the scholarship was extremely high. Sincere thanks to the selection committee of AIMS board members for volunteering their efforts to this worthy and important endeavor.

We have a total of 26 grantees for the 09/10 cycle. We had 2 scholars who declined the AIMS grant for other opportunities, and were eligible for the 2K merit award. Represented are 15 PhDs, 10 PhD Candidates and 1
independent scholar.

We hold our grant competition annually and the postmark deadline is Dec 31.

Information about our grant programs (some are also for North Africans) is available on the AIMS website, click here

2009/2010 AIMS US Grantees

Lourdes Alvarez, Sufi Songs Across an Andalusian Sky, PhD, Catholic University of America, Medieval Spain, Literature and Culture, $3,225.00, 2 months, Morocco

Safoi Babana-Hampton, Narrative Women: Writing the Civic Self in the Public Sphere by Maghrebi and Franco-Maghrebi Women, PhD, Michigan State University, French, Francophone Studies, DECLINED, 2 weeks, Morocco

Sahar Bazzaz, Nineteenth-Century North African Muslim Challenge European Imperialism, PhD, College of the Holy Cross, History, $3,000.00, 1 month, Morocco

Elizabeth, Bishop, Workers and Industrial Accidents in Algeria, PhD, Texas State University, History, $5,250.00, 10 weeks, Algeria

Lisa Blaydes, The Making of Mass Opinion in Contemporary Morocco, PhD, Harvard (2008-2010), Stanford, Political Science, $3,000.00, 1 month, Morocco

Mounira Charrad, Women Leaders in Tunisian Society, PhD, University of Texas, Austin, Sociology, $6,000.00, 3 months, Tunisia

Julia, Clancy-Smith, Book: "From Household to School Room: Educating Muslim Girls in North Africa, c. 1840-1930.", PhD, University of Arizona, History, $3,000.00, 1 month, Tunisia

Melanie Clouser, Malhoun Poetry, PhD Student, University of Texas at Austin, Arabic Studies, $5,250.00, 2.5 months, Morocco

Shana Cohen, Social Mobility and Social Change in Contemporary Morocco, PhD, University of Sheffield, Sociological Studies, $4,500.00, 2 months, Morocco

David Crawford, A Place in Time: A Photo-Ethnography of Rural Berber Life, PhD, Fairfield University, Anthropology, $6,000.00, 3 months, Morocco

Chouki El Hamel, Morocco's Role in the Making of the Atlantic World, PhD, Arizona State University, History, $3,750.00, 1.5 months, Morocco

Hoda El Shakry, The Psychoanalysis of Ethnography: Anthropology, Islam and the Ethnographic Other in Morocco, PhD Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles, Comparative Literature, $3,750.00, 1.5 months, Morocco

Audra El Vilaly, Local Perspectives on the Political, Ethnic, and Tribal Impediments to Pastoral Water Access in Assaba, Mauritania, Masters Student, University of Arizona, Geography, $6,000.00, 3 months, Mauritania

Alexander Elinson, Itinerancy, Exile and Self-Definition in the Travel Writings of Ibn al-Khatib, PhD, Hunter College, CUNY, Arabic, $2,000 Travel Award, 5 months, Morocco

Angel Foster, Medicine, Politics & Sexuality: Exploring the Introduction of Emergency Contraception in Tunisia, Independent Scholar, DPhil, MD, AM, Ibis Reproductive Health, Medicine, $7,500.00, 4 months, Tunisia

Allen Fromherz, Ibn Khaldun as Tunisian National Symbol, PhD, Georgia State University, History, $6,000.00, 3 months, Tunisia

Romeo Guzman, Mountaineer Music from Northwest Morocco, PhD Student, University of California, Los Angeles, Ethnomusicology, $2,000 Travel Award, 9 months, Morocco

Kathryn Lafrenz Samuels, Mobilizing and Managing Heritage in the Maghrib for Global Authority and Value, PhD Candidate, Stanford University, Archaeology, Socio-Cultural Anthropology, $3,000.00, 1 month, Morocco, Tunisia

Shara Lange, The Dressmakers: Clothesmakers in Morocco, PhD, Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM, Mexico), Documentary Filmmaking, $3,000.00, 1 month, Morocco

Kyle Liston, Colonialism Asunder: Being, Belonging and Hybridity in the Italo-Tunisian Communities of Tunis, 1881-1956, PhD Student, Indiana University - Bloomington, History, $14,150.00, 9 months, Tunisia

Susan Miller, History of Modern Morocco, PhD, University of California at Davis, History, $3,000.00, 1 month, Morocco

Kristy Riggs, Composing Colonialism: A Musical Tour of France's Nineteenth-Century Algerian Occupation, PhD Candidate, Columbia University, Historical Musicology, $3,000.00, 1 month, Algeria

Janell Rothenberg, Globalization, Port Development and Social Change in Northern Morocco, PhD Student, University of California, Los Angeles, Anthropology, $3,750.00, 6 weeks, Morocco

Maisa Taha, From Morocco to Spain: A Discursive Ecology of Migration, Graduate Student, University of Arizona, Anthropology, $3,000.00, 1 month, Morocco

Kristin Tassin, State and Society in Siwa, Kufra and Jaghbub Oases, Graduate Student, Teaching Asst., University of Texas at Austin, History, $3,000.00, 1 month, Libya

Mary Vogl, Dialogues and Discourse on Contemporary Moroccan Art, PhD, Assoc. Professor, Colorado State University, Francophone Culture, $3,500.00, 7 weeks, Morocco

Sabra Webber, A Storied Life or The Education of an Amreekeeya, PhD, Ohio State University, Cultural Anthropology, $5,961.00, 3 months, Tunisia

Jonathan Wyrtzen, Constructing Morocco: The Colonial Struggle to Define the Nation, PhD candidate, Lecturer, Georgetown University, History, declined, 9 months, Morocco


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