Amine's current research and contacts

Khalid Amine, ICPS President, is currently Visiting Research Fellow at the Institute of Interweaving Performance Cultures at the Free University in Berlin: khamine (at) zedat.fu-berlin (dot) de

Amine will present the paper "The Performative Turn in the Arab Stage: an Interplay of Sameness and Difference" in Berlin (see below) and at the University of London Institute in Paris ( Tuesday, 10 February 2009 at 4.30pm) click here

His old hotmail account is no longer in use - hackers took control of it in Sept 2008.

He can also be reached at: khamine55 (at) gmail (dot) com

// MITTWOCH, 10. DEZEMBER 2008, 18 Uhr (c.t.)

Prof. Dr. Khalid Amine (Tetouan, Marokko):
"The interplay of Sameness and Difference in Arabic Performance Cultures"

Institut für Theaterwissenschaft (Hörsaal) / Freie Universität Berlin Grunewaldstr. 35 12165 Berlin

Zum Vortrag:
Khalid Amine's presentation seeks to explore processes of performance cultures' interweaving in Arab Theatre today. Such Theatre is construed within a liminal space, on the borderlines between sameness and difference.The transposition of traditional performance behavior to a theatre building spells out this hybrid state of indecision. (Der Vortrag findet auf Englisch statt.)

Zur Person:
Senior Professor, Faculty of Letters and Humanities at Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetouan, Morocco; winner of the 2007 Helsinki Prize of the International Federation for Theatre Research (FIRT). Since 2006, President of the International Centre for Performance Studies (NGO), Tangier.

Publikationen (Auswahl):
Moroccan Theatre Between East and West, Faculty of Letters Publications,Abdelmalek Essaadi University, Tetouan, Morocco 2000. Drama and the Myth of Origin: A critique of Eurocentric Tradition, Faculty of Letters Publications, University Abdelmalek Essaadi, Tetouan, Morocco 2002. Fields of Silence in Moroccan Theatre (Book in Arabic), Rabat: Union of Moroccan Writers 2004.

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