"Hallo Marokko!"

Année Culturelle Allemagne-Maroc 2009

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Ale Dumbsky

Ale Dumbsky, born April 22nd 1965. He went through the early School of punk rock as a drummer in various bands and started deejaying Rap music in 1990. He founded a record label and a booking agency in 1987, which was one of the firsts to put out German rap music in 1993 and has organized various and huge Hip-Hop-Festivals. He sold the record company after 20 Years and works now as a music publisher. He has coached Hip-Hop Workshops in schools, writes for several Magazines and Newspapers and is one of the founders of the Radar Hamburg International Independent Film festival. Ale Dumbsky will present a paper at Conference I entitled "Hip-Hop International Youth Culture in a globalized World", besides a public concert along with Mad Maxamon and Jakob Grunert.

Mad Maxamom

Mad Maxamom grew up on the countrywide in the south of Germany.
Inspired by graffiti and driven by the desire to express himself he got in contact with the German hip-hop scene. Soon he started rapping and free styling and began travelling. At age 20 he moved to Hamburg, where he joined the local hip-hop crew "Trainingslager"(Boot camp), and over the years formed various other music and art related projects. He works on a band with of political hip-hop workshops with kids and young adults in Germany and all over the world. With Filmmaker Jens Huckeriede he participated in the project "Return of the Tüdelband" on the subjects of national socialism and historical memorization, and travelled to San Francisco (2004), and Tiflis (2006), to perform and work with local artists and school kids. In 2007 he coached a hip-hop workshop at the memorial site of the Woman-concentration camp in Ravensbrück, which lead to a performance of local kids, and teenagers in the adjacent town of Fürstenberg. Right now he works on his Album, and plans to realize a project with Schools in Berlin about the issue of Separation, in the historical context of the Berlin Wall. He also acts and performs in movies and film projects, and in the meantime hates his job in advertising. To view video clips, click here. To download music and for more info, click here


DJ SDAG is active since the 90-ties.
His DJ Crew -The Fingerprints- are giving concerts since seven years. In Hamburg they are an important and well known part of the local the club scene. DJ SDAG is also performing together with street artists.
Since 2008 DJ SDAG collaborates with MC Mad Maxamom under the name: MADMAX & BIGSDAG

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