ICPS style sheet for paper submissions

Submission deadline:
  • immediately following your paper panel
  • submit paper in both printed and digital form (via email or CD)
  • Arabic, Tamazight, French, Spanish, and English
Style guidelines:
  • use MS Word 2003 format
  • use justified margins throughout, except: use left justified for indented quotes, footnotes
  • use Times New Roman 11-point throughout
  • use NO page numbers
  • use one space between sentences
  • use double spacing, except: use single spacing for title, author, affiliation, indented quotes, footnotes (with NO space between)
  • do NOT leave extra line spaces between paragraphs
  • use the TAB function for paragraph indents of .3" - do NOT use manual spaces for paragraph indents
  • use italics for book titles - do NOT use underline
  • indented quotes should be .5" indented both left and right
  • use en dash “–”, not “-”

Additional formatting:
  • TITLE (centered, bold)
  • NAME OF AUTHOR(S) (centered, bold, italic)
  • Abstract (single spaced, 250 words maximum, optional: up to five key words)
  • BODY (justified)
  • AUTHOR(S) INSTITUTIONAL AFFILIATION (bold, right justified)
  • NOTES (“Notes” headline: bold and left justify; insert notes manually - do NOT use automatically generated notes)