Performing Tangier 2009 - International Conference
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  • Letter of thanks to P.T. 2009 guests, click here
  • The Theater Troupe Académa in Marrakech presents the 3rd annual International Meetings of Theater of Marrakech RITM 3, November 3-7, 2009: click here
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  • AIMS announces 2009-2010 Fellows (grants for US Americans and North Africans) for more information, click here
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  • ICPS mourns the loss of our wonderful friend, Lesley Gilb Taplin. News story, click here; statement from Khalid Amine, ICPS President, click here; service to remember and celebrate her life scheduled for the evening of April 30th in Los Angeles; May conference to honor her memory, click here
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  • Cultural Morocco Mourns for Abdelkébir Khatibi, click here
  • New travel grants and paper prize from AIMS, click here
  • Khalid Amine, ICPS President, has recently returned to Tangier following 6 months conducting research in Berlin. To see a photo of him ghosting with the Brechts, click here
  • Performing Tangier 2009 - full participation information and preliminary program announcements, click here
  • Another conference opportunity follows Performing Tangier 2009: "Saharan Crossroads: Views from the North", Tangier June 6 - 8, for info click here
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  • Youtube video trailers and new book from Performing Tangier 2008:
    • Audio-visual conference montage, click here
    • Video trailer: "Tanger des Peintres Grey Room to Casabarata" click here
    • Conference proceedings (volume 1): Bowles, Beats, Tangier, click here

    New books from ICPS:

  • Tangier at the crossroads, edited by Barry Tharaud, José Manuel Goni Peréz and George F. Roberson

  • The Red Fire by Zoubeir Ben Bouchta. Translated from Arabic to English by Mustapha Hilal Soussi, more information, click here

المسرح الحديث - إشراقات واختيارات
by Hassan Mniai, click here

  • Jonathon Curiel's new book, Al' America, is now available and has been selected for an American Book Award by The Before Columbus Foundation. Curiel was a keynote speak at Performing Tangier 2008, for reviews and more information, click here

  • No Man's Land: A play by the Moroccan playwright Mohammed Kaouti, published by the Ministry of Culture feb 2009. Cover page and author's statement, clik here

      • المسرح والحداثة a new book by Hassan Yousfi, click here

      • New books by the Tanjawi writer Zoubeir Benbouchta, click here

      Retrospectives 2008

      Participants statements, click here

      French Rapport de la conférence, click here

      التقرير بالعربية - Report in Arabic, click here

      Statements of Achievements, click here

      Performing Tangier Prize, click here
      Randy Weston concert photos, click here

      Autographed Katharina Franck concert ticket, click here

      Materials 2008
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      Cultural Diversity Conference
      Tetouan, click

      Jazz great in Tangier
      Randy Weston returns to Tangier and visits ICPS, click

      Recent ICPS Publications

      New titles, links to additional details,
      and ordering information,

      see below

      • NEW Bowles Beats Tangier, conference proceedings with a forward by Allen Hibbard and co-edited by Barry Tharaud, click here

      • Shakespeare Lane, by Zoubeir Ben Bouchta, translated by Rajae Khaloufi, edited by George Roberson, click here

      • الفرجة والتنوع الثقافي: مقاربة متعددة الاختصاصات, by Hassan Mniai

      • ويبقى الإبداع by Hassan Mniai, click here

      Beyond Brecht, by Khalid Amine, click here

      Lalla J'mila, by Zoubeir Ben Bouchta, translated by Mustapha Hilal Soussi, co-edited by Pamela Balfanz and George F. Roberson, click here

      • Theatrical Art and the Myth of Origin: Fields of Silence, by Khalid Amine, click here

      To order books, contact:

      Mustapha Hilal Sousi
      ICPS Archivist
      email: mhsousi (at) yahoo (dot) com

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